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Adhesives for home appliance assembly

Deepmaterial has an incredible amount of experience in the home appliance industry. We produce high-quality adhesives that are currently being used in the manufacture of various household appliances, like freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machine. Manufacturers of home appliances can count on our suite of products, global footprint, and technical support of various kinds.
We now live in an era where enhanced energy efficiency and smart features have become the focal point in most consumer appliances. The implication is that manufacturers of household appliances can no longer afford to use subpar materials in producing these appliances, so as to enable them last the test of time.

Home appliance assembly has never been more efficient with Deepmaterial’ unique brand of adhesives. Not only that, our adhesives have been branded as unique because they have proven to overcome most of the challenges that plague the industry, like surfaces that are hard to bond, higher temperature, automation, and a host of other issues. For instance, Deepmaterial has various household appliance solutions that include appliance gaskets, which makes it possible for long-lasting adhesion to occur between different substrates like glass, steel, and plastic.

Deepmaterial’ appliance assembly solution is perfect for a number of appliance assembly process, like:

• Microwave/Oven/Stove
• Freezer/Refrigerator
• Dryer/Washer
• Vacuum cleaner