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Display Screen Assembly Application of DeepMaterial Adhesive Products

With increasing digitization in all areas of our lives, more and more monitors and touchscreens are being used. In addition to smartphone, tablet and TV screens, almost all modern household appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, are now equipped with displays.

High-end monitors are demanding: they must be comfortable to read, they must be shatterproof, and they must remain legible for the lifetime of the product. This is especially challenging for displays in cars and smartphones or cameras, as they are not expected to turn yellow despite exposure to sunlight and other climatic stressors. Deepmaterial's specially formulated optical adhesive is designed to be optically clear and non-yellowing (LOCA = Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive). They are flexible enough to intercept thermal stress between different substrates and reduce Mura defects. The adhesive exhibits excellent adhesion to ITO-coated glass, PMMA, PET and PC and cures within seconds under UV light. Dual cure adhesives are available which react to atmospheric moisture and cure reliably in shaded areas within the display frame.

To protect the display from external influences such as atmospheric humidity, dust and cleaning agents, Deepmaterial Form-in-Place Gaskets (FIPG) can be used to bond and seal the display and touchscreen simultaneously.