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DeepMaterial Circuit Board Protection Potting 

And Conformal Coating Adhesive

Enabling electronic products to achieve functional characteristics and performance specifications through superior bonding performance of electronic adhesives is just one aspect of DeepMaterial's electronic adhesives solution. Protecting printed circuit boards and electronic precision components from thermal cycles and harmful environments is another key component in ensuring product durability and reliability.


DeepMaterial not only provides materials for chip underfilling and COB packaging but also provides conformal coating three-proof adhesives and circuit board potting adhesives, and at the same time brings excellent circuit board-level protection to electronic products. Many applications will place printed circuit boards in harsh environ- ments.


DeepMaterial's advanced conformal coating three-proof adhesive and potting. Adhesive can help printed circuit boards resist thermal shock, moisture-corrosive materials and various other unfavorable conditions, so as to ensure the product has a long service life in harsh application environments. DeepMaterial's conformal coating three-proof adhesive potting compound is a solvent-free, low-VOC material, which can improve process efficiency and take into account environmental protection responsibilities.


DeepMaterial's conformal coating three-proof adhesive potting compound can improve the mechanical strength of electronic and electrical products, provide electrical insulation, and protect against vibration and impact, thereby providing comprehensive protection for printed circuit boards and electrical equipment.