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DeepMaterial Epoxy-Based Chip Underfill 

and COB Encapsulation Materials

DeepMaterial offers new capillary flow underfills for flip chip, CSP and BGA devices. DeepMaterial's new capillary flow underfills are high fluidity, high-purity, one-component potting materials that form uniform, void-free underfill layers that improve the reliability and mechanical properties of components by eliminating stress caused by solder materials. DeepMaterial provides formulations for fast filling of very fine pitch parts, fast cure capability, long working and lifespan, as well as the reworkability. Reworkability saves costs by allowing removal of the underfill for reuse of the board.


Flip chip assembly requires stress relief of the welding seam again for extended thermal aging and cycle life. CSP or BGA assembly requires the use of an underfill to improve the mechanical integrity of the assembly during flex, vibration or drop testing.

DeepMaterial's flip-chip underfills have high filler content while maintaining fast flow in small pitches, with the ability to have high glass transition temperatures and high modulus. Our CSP underfills are available in varying filler levels, selected for the glass transition temperature and modulus for the intended application.


COB encapsulant can be used for wire bonding to provide environmental protection and increase mechanical strength. The protective sealing of wire-bonded chips includes top encapsulation, cofferdam, and gap filling. Adhe- sives with fine-tuning flow function are required, because their flow ability must ensure that the wires are encapsulat- ed, and the adhesive will not flow out of the chip, and ensure that can be used for very fine pitch leads.


DeepMaterial's COB encapsulating adhesives can be thermally or UV cured DeepMaterial's COB encapsulation adhesive can be heat cured or UV-cured with high reliability and low thermal swelling coefficient, as well as high glass conversion temperatures and low ion content. DeepMaterial's COB encapsulating adhesives protect leads and plumbum, chrome and silicon wafers from the external environment, mechanical damage and corrosion.


DeepMaterial COB encapsulating adhesives are formulated with heat-curing epoxy, UV-curing acrylic, or silicone chemistries for good electrical insulation. DeepMaterial COB encapsulating adhesives offer good high temperature stability and thermal shock resistance, electrical insulating properties over a wide temperature range, and low shrinkage, low stress, and chemical resistance when cured.